Massage is a manual therapy involving the manipulation of soft tissue, often through the mechanisms of pressure and applies tension.  There are many different types, or modalities, of massage with different outcomes in mind.

Prenatal massage is a specific treatment for pregnant women at all gestational stages.  It differs from a traditional massage therapy session only in positioning and depth of pressure in certain areas of the body.

Cupping involves moving an ignited alcohol swab in and out of a glass cup to create negative pressure; the cups are then moved over the body to lift and separate soft tissue, decreasing tension and increasing blood flow to the treated area. Unlike the compression employed to loosen muscle fibers in traditional massage, cupping allows for passive stretch of tight tissues through the gentle suction and movement of the cups.

(includes prenatal & cupping)
(GST not included)

30 minutes: $55
45 minutes: $70
60 minutes: $85
75 minutes: $110
90 minutes: $125


Jade Stone Massage is a technique that embodies both relaxation and therapeutic massage. By using hot and cold stones, Jade Stone Massage increases circulation, decreases inflammation, and allows for deeper relaxation of muscles. Unlike some hot stone therapies, the jade stones are not only placed on the skin, but also used as massage tools to manipulate and release tension.

Please note that regular BC Registered Massage Therapy benefits do not cover these above noted services.

(GST not included)

60 minutes: $110

75 minutes: $125

90 minutes: $140


Tiana Dickmann

Tiana completed her Alberta RMT training at the Alberta Institute of Massage and has been working in her field gaining knowledge and experience since 2009. Before moving to British Columbia a few months ago, she completed 4 years of study in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton Alberta.