Tiana completed the Alberta RMT training at the Alberta Institute of Massage and has been working in her field gaining knowledge and experience since 2009. Before moving to BC she completed 4 years of study in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Grant MacEwan University. She is currently in the process of writing the Canadian National Acupuncture Exams and is excited to soon be working as a Registered Acupuncturist.

Tiana will be writing the CMTBC (BC RMT) competency exams when they are offered this fall and until then is happy to offer her services in massage to those who do not require or are unable to claim massage treatments through BC extended health coverage.

She specializes in deep tissue, intra-oral massage, pre and postnatal (pregnancy) massage and sports therapy massage. Additionally, Tiana offers Jade Stone massage, fire cupping and Kinesio Taping treatments. With 7 years of post secondary study in her fields and an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and common injuries, she can provide home-care plans individually tailored to the specific needs of any client.

*Please note that Tiana’s services are not covered by BC Extended Health Plans at this time.