200 RYT

Sarah discovered yoga as she was completing her university degree in Ottawa Ontario. Feeling slightly lost inside and disconnected from her physical and spiritual being, Sarah found connection and meaning making through the practice of Yoga.  Yoga taught Sarah on how to be present in her body and environment in a compassionate nonjudgmental way.

Sarah moved to Chilliwack from Ontario in 2011 and started working full-time as a Mental Health Therapist. A few years in, she started to feel the signs of burnout and depression and decided to reconnect with yoga and treat it not just as a physical practice, but as a way of being. 

Sarah graduated with her 200RYT Teacher Training through Open Source Yoga with Dan Clement in June 2015 with no intention of teaching, but after falling back in love with the practice, teaching would be away to share this passion with others; a way of giving back. Sarah starting teaching at Studio B in Oct. 2015 and enjoyed the connection to the community this brought to her life. For Sarah, yoga is away in creating and sustaining self and other-awareness, to create meaningful intentions in practice and in every day life, to step into the body from a place of love and grace, to build compassionate connections, and to live a mindful and authentic life. Sarah is excited to integrate her therapeutic skills as a counsellor with her yoga teachings and offer a space of healing, growth, awareness, and connection for her clients at Thrive Collective.

Sarah is excited to keep learning and share her practice with her clients and students as a way to invite others to build their own practice around authenticity and self-compassion.